Sheesha Finance Full Distribution LAUNCH Announcement

September 21, 2021
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The moment every Sheesha Finance user has been waiting is finally here! We are now pleased to announce that following up with our new website and dashboard launch, the full distribution of all Sheesha Finance projects we have partnered with so far will now be available for immediate distribution within the next 24 hours.

Sheesha Finance is committed to launching all distributions as soon as possible, ensuring all of our users get fast and easy access to both native token rewards as well as project-specific tokens and rewards.

Which projects?

Today we are pleased to announce the start of distributions for all of our partners who have so far finished their audits and have proceeded with a successful launch:

Distributions for these projects are set to start within the next 24 hours from the date of this announcement. Make sure you’re all set and ready to jump in!

How to participate?

Our mission is to make investing for the masses as easy and simple as possible — which means that participating in these distributions is as straightforward as it can be: no KYC, no random allocations, no lottery draws.

Participating is as simple as connecting with your MetaMask wallet directly to the new Sheesha Finance Dashboard and staking your $SHEESHA tokens, with rewards starting to accumulate immediately. You can do this both via the BSC or ETH chains, depending on which chain your $SHEESHA tokens live.

About Sheesha Finance
Sheesha Finance is the leading DeFi mutual fund allowing for premium cryptocurrency portfolio diversification and rewards. Sheesha Finance rewards investors of any size, from small to large ticket holders, with unlimited DeFi tokens from a diversified portfolio of projects. With plans to become a DAO, Sheesha Finance is dedicated to upholding full transparency and integrity within the DeFi space.

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