Appreciate fine crypto art?

For hundreds of years, the world’s wealthy and elite curated
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Sheesha Finance is your private gallery to the finest crypto art the world has to offer.  It is art that is timeless, awe-inspiring and inspirational.  Infinite in both its quality and capacity for capital appreciation and exclusive to our community and project partners

In the last five years we have seen the financial possibilities of NFTs for all kinds of independent creators (visual arts, game designers, musicians), and the best is yet to come. Artists are able to directly manage the utility of their work and make a fair and representative profit from people who value peer to peer.
The art world has proved a fantastic starting point for the rise of NFTs with even people who are new to crypto having a basic understanding of how art is bought and sold, and they also often have a first-hand understanding of collectables (like movie memorabilia, sports cards or game loot).
Every participant from our LGE, and even the first cohort of early adopters will receive a specifically commissioned piece of Sheesha DeFi artwork from the globally lauded and cutting edge crypto artist VESA. Our most loyal supporters will be eligible to receive a limited editing of the Sheesha DeFi NFT as a moving image.
Sheesha Finance intends to even further incentivize onboarding new investors with sought after, art gallery quality NFT bonuses and lotteries.
Your Sheesha Finance NFT is a digital attribution of ownership recorded on the Sheesha blockchain. In future, your Sheesha NFTs will be used for VIP membership, and unique partner rewards available only to the Sheesha Finance investor community.


NFTs by modern masters:
Meet Sheesha Finance's  Resident Artist,
the World Renowned VESA


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VESA has been a digital art pioneer for 12 years, after having innovated his own process. For the past three years, he has been full-time in the crypto art and NFT space. For the mainstream audience, he is best known for collaborating in a project with Bollywood actress Veena Malik, which was seen by around 300 million people through BBC World, The Independent, IBT, Times of India, VICE, etc.

How did you get into Crypto art?

Around 2006 I realized how the monetary system worked and became an activist to help others to get it too. Around the same time I also made a transition from being a filmmaker to a visual artist, and my originals were digital files. It also included a new monetisation idea, which worked to a relative degree, but I was the central point of failure. Money activism without Bitcoin really sucked. Around three years ago I finally understood what Bitcoin and crypto was and have been all in since.

Where do you get your inspiration?

The words itself describes it well. In-spirit. Suppose how that answer is useful to others mostly in the sense that whatever your essence is, is the only shot you have for being a ‘real artist’. It just means you have an authentic voice that contributes something only you can do in this world. Once you have that, every passion you have becomes it and the world at large. Our problem mostly is our disconnection from this world. If you don’t have inspiration, you likely don’t have connection.

What do you think of traditional artwork?

Meaning painting and such? I adore the medium and use it as a foundation often that gets digitized. Even profound and amazing artists like Android Jones kind of leave me cold often, as the expression is created purely digitally. I know I’m old school on that one but I need the art to speak to my soul, which I find easier if organic materials like paint, bodies and natural elements via photography are present. It all starts from the story, but that’s to say I don’t find a lot of animals pull in pixels only. I started creating digitally from the start, even with my film career, so it’s a seamless merger. I have respect for both worlds, and am always ready to learn something new. I hope, soon, someone will blow me away with pure pixel magic.

Do you think your art is fulfilling a purpose?

Function is an essential part of the whole. The philosopher Ken Wilber introduced me to integral thinking in my early twenties after which it has been hard to feel something is complete without considering something from multiple perspectives. My works tend to take a long time to make because of this. They aren’t suitable for a fast food and fast art mentality.

Final question, what’s next for you as an artist?

VR is my main focus but the tools are always secondary. If I’m not pushing into some new territory that scares me a bit, I might as well stop. The search never stops but the path always opens, like this one.

“Vesa’s art is amongst the most integrally advanced in the history of Western abstraction — no small claim, but one backed up by the works themselves. Rather than abstraction as a fleeing from life, his works are a diving into the incarnate mystery of human being — direct celebrations of the fullness of Life.” — Michael Schwartz, Professor of History and Philosophy of Art, Augusta State University, March 2014