Decentralized infrastructure that allows anyone to be a VC, incubate projects, and invest in DeFi’s future

Get rewarded with the world’s most sought after projects

Once you start investing in crypto, there is no limit to how many different flavors of crypto you can experience and own.

You make the best rewards when you invest in early stage projects. Yet, with more investors entering the market, accessing crypto tokens at early stage prices becomes harder and harder.

Who wants to feel the disappointment of waiting hours in an online queue only to miss out? Or the frustration of needing more and more crypto to stake in return for the mere chance of making it into a lottery whitelist?

Sheesha Finance eliminates these hassles and more for the everyday investor. Just stake one token - SHEESHA - on the Sheesha Finance platform in return for unlimited project partner token rewards. Simple!

As a Sheesha Finance token holder staking on our platform, you have guaranteed access to the world’s most sought after new crypto projects.

Everyone can join the world’s leading distributed mutual fund

Sheesha Finance’s founders have unmatched experience in providing top-tier VC access to the most sought-after projects in DeFi.

And as a Sheesha community member, you become a high-powered VC when you stake SHEESHA on the Sheesha Finance platform.

To participate, buy SHEESHA on either the Binance Smart Chain via Pancakeswap or Ethereum network via Uniswap, and stake Single-Sided or LP tokens on the Sheesha Finance platform.

Staking SHEESHA means you can receive partner token rewards to all the projects we invest in on that token’s chain as long as you keep your tokens staked.

There’s no limit to the number of partner project tokens you will be eligible to receive via smart contract distribution.

Sheesha has already announced more than 10 partner projects and is in conversation with 90 more.

Our Vision

With Sheesha Finance, every investor can reap the benefits of being a distributed, high-powered VC to early stage DeFi projects

Our Mission

Leading distributed mutual investment fund (“DeVC”)
World’s finest NFT lotteries and crypto art marketplace
Support the projects you want most with a member-voting DAO
Incubate next level DeFi in-house with Sheesha Finance

Who is Sheesha Finance for?

Retail Investors
Market Ready Projects
Early Stage Projects

Why DeFi?

SHEESHA tokens are backed by our valuable partnerships within the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry

Sheesha Finance remains blockchain agnostic and is in constant dialogue with 100+ projects across multiple chains with the view to partner and invest only in the best projects at early or seed-stage prices.
All projects we invest in are distributed as partner project tokens to the members of the Sheesha Finance community who stake their tokens on the platform via smart contracts. More chains will be added as the Sheesha Finance community grows.

Partner projects we are distributing so far


  • Closed the liquidity generation event (LGE) with over $9.44 million invested across the Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum network
  • Launched the MVP website to enable LP token claims, LP and single sided SHEESHA staking

  • Announced internationally renowned crypto artist VESA as Sheesha Finance Artist in Residence
  • Announced internationally renowned crypto artist VESA as Sheesha Finance Artist in Residence
  • Built a C-suite team who collectively have decades of experience in blockchain in over 50 token launches
  • Develop, test and implement partner token distribution smart contracts
  • Soft launch new website including new dashboard features, light paper and one pager
  • Distribute tokens from existing partners to SHEESHA token stakers on the Sheesha Finance platform
  • Release new partnership announcements weekly to new partner projects we invest in
  • Launch our global ambassador program with NFT and SHEESHA rewards
  • Distribute VESA DeFi Sheesha NFT to early adoptors and supporters
  • Hard launch of new website including DAO voting, NFT lottery, and NFT profile customisation and gamification rewards
  • Launch of first NFT lottery for public participation
  • Launch of first partner project proposals for DAO member voting
  • Launch of the Sheesha Finance Incubator for incubating, funding and developing early stage DeFi projects
  • Start global marketing campaigns targeting every day retail investors