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Just stake your SHEESHA tokens on the dashboard
to start receiving tokens distributions from partner projects

Collecting rewards from promising crypto projects has never been so simple. Just buy your SHEESHA, Stake, and Claim your rewards from unlimited projects

At Sheesha Finance, we do the hard work of researching
the most promising upcoming projects so you don’t have to

Partnership Benefits

Fastrack your VC access

The Sheesha Finance network is powered by high profile VC investors such as Alphabit, Alpha Sigma Capital, Jun Capital, and Master Ventures who seek hot projects in the DeFi space.

Sheesha Finance will personally introduce you to an insider’s world of VC investors who are ready and warm for your pitch and we will actively match you with strategic investors who align with your project’s sector, ethos and vision

Pre-Sale Access to DeFi’s Finest

How many platforms combine endless value with exclusivity? Sheesha Finance is your backstage pass to access Exclusive DeFi Deal Flow.

We leverage our powerful industry network so that you benefit from private and seed allocation prices to highly oversubscribed projects the general public miss out on.


Staking SHEESHA Tokens is your gateway to a manifold Treasury Holding that appreciates and distributes tokens via smart contracts over time.

Sheesha Finance functions as a Decentralized Treasury Holding for project partners. Being a partner with Sheesha Finance ensures your DeFi project will always have a “rainy day” treasury you can liquidate without impacting your token liquidity or market cap.

Reduce the Risk of Whales

At Sheesha Finance, we aim to support a diverse ecosystem of innovative DeFi projects by initiating early-stage token swaps. These reward investors of any size, from small to large ticket holders, with unlimited DeFi tokens from a diversified portfolio of projects.

When Sheesha Finance invests in your project, you contribute a slow-release faucet of project tokens to our loyal and committed investors. These investors are interested in holding for long-term returns rather than liquidating their positions as soon as a token hits a big exchange.

Project Incubation & Acceleration

For early-stage projects, Sheesha Finance is launching a dedicated incubator that will provide:
  • IDO platform launches
  • Tokenomics Design
  • Agile Project Management
  • Preferential rates with ecosystem partners for marketing, development and PR.
Want to learn more? Reach out to the Sheesha Finance team for an in-house demonstration of our full suite of partner benefits.
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Add value to your DeFi project
with Sheesha Finance

Grow your token holders overnight

Attract new investment from VC partners

Manifold Treasury Holding

Quick liquidity without affecting your market cap

Increase buyer awareness and participation

How we foster early-stage projects

Tokenomics Design

Your likelihood of attracting VCs and a successful token launch are heavily underpinned by tokenomics. Sheesha Finance will actively work
with you to optimise your project’s tokenomics.

Agile Project Management

Sheesha Finance is your “boots on the ground” with world-class operations management to ensure human and financial capital are running as lean and efficiently as possible.

Direct Placement Deals

Thanks to Sheesha Finance’s relationships with companies like Morgan Creek Capital, you will have access to private placement allocation opportunities otherwise reserved for accredited and institutional investors.

Legal Advisory Service

Access to a host of legal services including
SAFT agreements, Team Contracts, NDAs and more.

Smart Contract Auditing

Make use of our exclusive reach to get preferential rates with Zokyo, Hacken, Certik, Blockchain Australia and Omniscia to perform these essential servicesinaccessible to the average project.

IDO Platform Launches

Sheesha Finance has Top Tier access to IDO platforms such as PAID Ignition, Launchpool, Poolz, DAO Maker, Polkastarter and Trustpad, a cross-chain platform.

TG Engagement

Sheesha Finance is networked with the largest Telegram AMA groups in existence, some with over 100k organic users. Strengthen your marketing and investor presence after even just one of these highly sought after AMA sessions.

TG Community Management

We provide professional community moderators, admins and ambassadors, as well as grassroots campaigns to grow your project organically.

Sheesha Finance Incubation Proccess